BVC Asia currently offers 3 services. (1) Management consultants specializing in strategy and system development. (2) Provide training to develop skills for the future, Soft Skills for Business, and Leadership Development (3) Provides services to create modern visual communication and media in collaboration with Visual Thinking Company. We want you to get to know us more than just how we can help you, but we want you to know what we’re thinking and hope that our values align with what your business needs.

There was a time when economic downturn and the growth was not easy, every good business have learned a lesson from pandemic crisis and taught us the sustainability, environment, governance and inclusion were seen as a key to the real sustainability – the old economy may perceive it as trade-offs, leaders tomorrow need to achieve all business-sustainability-environmental. This new meaning of growth will be more sustainable, transforming innovation while reducing environmental impact. Business with more inclusive, creating access to opportunities for people in whole country and worldwide.

This is a very challenging mission, but our purpose is to help organizations and their leaders make it happen. We combine bold strategies, organization development and transformative technologies to help organizations innovate more sustainably, achieve lasting in business performance, and build people that will thrive for this generation and the next.

We started the business of providing information technology systems since 2010 and has grown the business into management consulting and organization development including people development services since 2016, with the company growing continuously and stably We have trusted clients from governments, public companies, state enterprises, and medium and large private businesses. Our qualified consultant specializes in a wide range of industries. Initially transformed from a sole IT service provider, the company has expanded its team of business advisors with expertise especially in the banking and finance sector, which is a strong point of expansion. Our service to be an expert advisor for corporate management in finance and banking. In the beginning BVC Asia had clients who trusted us from large banks in Thailand, the number one asset management company in Thailand, it has a good understanding of the region’s banking and finance context.

In 2017, we established the First Subsidiary company that operates Design Consulting Business , Visual Thinking Company Limited, which is like a repository of the most modern management and communication tools until Visual Thinking has become an important trend in society and has become a core skill to help many leader and organization to Think and Communicate through VUCA world. Visual Thinking also become the unique of our consulting work As well as expanding the effect to play an important role in the development of Thai Startups. BVC Asia and Visual Thinking Company has been the media partner in Techsauces Global Summit 2017-2019, causing further growth in being a communications consultant for many startups, SMEs and organizations. as well as being a consultant for thinking and creating strategic plans for startup companies. BVC Asia being trusted by the SEC Thailand in being a consultant who facilitating strategic plans to this national agency